Serving Children, Teens, & Adults

McDermott Orthodontics is proud to offer orthodontics for all ages to our amazing patients in and around Arnold and Florissant.

Your smile is natural jewelry, no matter your age, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to make that jewelry shine!

Orthodontics for Kids

Did you know that Dr. McDermott and the American Association of Orthodontists recommend that every child see their family orthodontist by age seven?

That may seem young, but it turns out that there are some serious advantages to being proactive about your children’s tooth and jaw health.


Early Intervention

Early intervention isn't just proactive; it's strategic. By starting orthodontic evaluations by age seven, Dr. McDermott can pinpoint and address potential issues before they become more complicated.

This approach helps to set your child up for a lifetime of confident smiles.

In some cases, we may recommend phase I treatment.

Phase I Treatment

Phase I treatment, or early interceptive treatment, is a proactive step in orthodontics tailored to children between the ages of 6 and 10. This treatment phase focuses on making room for developing teeth and correcting bite problems that are easier to address at a younger age. At McDermott Orthodontics, we leverage Phase I treatment to set the stage for a healthier, more aligned smile, potentially reducing the need for more invasive treatments later in life.

Dr. McDermott’s careful planning during this early phase helps your child’s smile to develop optimally, paving the way for a stunning and functional smile as they grow.


Tailored Treatments for Tiny Smiles

Each child is unique, and so are their orthodontic needs. No matter whether we recommend phase I treatment for your child or not, you can be confident that our first priority is always their best interest. And that goes for patients of every age.

Orthodontics for Teens

The teenage years are all about transformation, and at McDermott Orthodontics, we're excited to be a part of your teen's change towards a more confident smile.

We offer a variety of treatment options designed specifically for teens, from traditional braces to the nearly invisible Invisalign.


Customized Treatment Plans

Your teen is unique, and at McDermott Orthodontics, we believe their treatment should be too. Dr. McDermott develops customized treatment plans tailored specifically to your teen's individual orthodontic needs and lifestyle preferences.

Whether your teen is concerned about the appearance of braces or the duration of treatment, we design solutions that address these concerns while effectively aligning their smile.

Dr. McDermott uses advanced imaging and 3D modeling to predict outcomes more accurately and make adjustments that suit your teen's evolving dental landscape.

Support Through Every Step

Dr. McDermott and our team are here to guide your teen through their orthodontic journey, providing support and expertise every step of the way. We make sure that both you and your teens are fully informed and comfortable with the treatment plan.

Your confidence is key, and we work hard to earn it.

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Orthodontic Solutions for Adults

Did you know that one in every five new McDermott Orthodontics patients is over the age of 18? That’s no surprise when you realize that today’s treatments are faster, more comfortable, and less noticeable than ever before.


Customized Care for Adult Patients

We recognize that adults have unique concerns when it comes to orthodontic care, such as treatment duration and visibility. Dr. McDermott specializes in efficient, discreet treatments that align with your personal and professional life, ensuring that you feel confident throughout your orthodontic journey.


Lasting Results, Timeless Smiles

At McDermott Orthodontics, we're not just straightening teeth—we're crafting smiles that stand the test of time. With cutting-edge technology and a patient-centered approach, we work hard to make sure that your new smile brings you joy and confidence for years to come.

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